Happier and healthier…

by admin on May 16, 2013

opening door 150x150 Happier and healthier...its the small things in life”  We have all heard this and of us agreed with this statement.  Of course it can be applied to anything in life, but today I am talking about the simple small actions of humans.  How many times though have we forgotten to appreciate those small things?  We are certainly all guilty of this.  Letting someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store who doesn’t have much in there basket as you do, waving at that driver who is stopping to let you cross the street.    When my husband unloads the dishwasher… small thing, but man does that contribute to my better mood!  Even when someone holds a door for you… small action, but how much of a difference does that make to your day when you take a few seconds to realize what happened and be appreciative of it.  Because you know that if that person did not hold the door for you but instead let it fall closed as you were approaching, you would have a different thought going through your head! 

  So what are the reasons that we don’t take the time to appreciate or even realize that there are small things going on all around us everyday?  Are we all too busy? Do we just expect these things and therefore that doesn’t make them worth appreciating?  I don’t know, All I do know is that when I take the time to acknowledge and appreciate these small things, I seem to be happier.   I then tend to try and do these small actions for others that I encounter, and that in turn makes me feel good.  Have you also found that the more ‘small things’ you do for others, the more you receive?… reaping and sowing. 

So, another easy thing to do in your day is to simply acknowlegde when someone does one of those small things for you… and then, pass it forward.  Feeling good, happy and passing that feeling forward will also affect the choices you make in your day.  Happier people make wiser choices for health… lets all do that!

I hope to hear from you and comments or thoughts you may have on this subject, please leave them below.

Have a great day.

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Do Flowers Make You Happy?

by admin on May 13, 2013

021 21 0001 150x150 Do Flowers Make You Happy?  Since many of us may have fresh flowers in house today, I started thinking about why it is that I myself like flowers.   Why do so many people enjoy flowers? 

The vibrant colors, the wonderful aroma, they are pretty and of course the fact that  they are a sign of life.  These are all things that come to mind.  So basically flowers have a knack of putting us in a good mood! 

Lets talk about the color first.  Like all things that we see, flowers have a light wave frequency and the frequency that we see can affect our mood.  For example, the colors yellow, orange and red have the effect of happiness, optimism and energy.  Where as green, blue and purple can cause soothing or calmness.  Doesnt this make sense?  Make an effort to think about how you are feeling when you walk in a flower shop compared to how you feel when you leave… do you feel better?

Aromas:  havent you been somewhere and sniffed a smell that brought back memories of something in your past?   Good or not so good too.   Our sense of smell is an amazing thing, smells have the ability to stir strong emotions based on our past experiences.  Pleasant smells can bring about good moods if associated with pleasant memories,  but the opposite is also true… if a certain aroma brings about a sad or negative memory, this can cause a sad emotion.  Have you ever used the washroom and then sprayed a ‘cover up’ spray?  now whenever you smell that same smell, what do you think of?  right?!

Back to flowers, I was once told that you should not have dead or dying flowers in your home… once they start dying get rid of them.  Why?  Well because they can bring about saddness or a depressed feeling.   So is that because the colors and smell are fading?  Or is it because the once living and vibrant flower is now aging and will soon die and most of us do not like the thought of death?  What do you think? 

All I know is that I quite enjoy flowers and when I receive them the first thing I do is take a big sniff and examine the petal colors. Immediately in a content and happy state. 

For a long time, flowers have been known to have a soothing effect on humans. Ancient civilizations were aware of the therapeutic effects of flowers and used these to good effect for treating a number of ailments. These uses are being recognized once again and flower therapy is making a strong comeback.  Jennifer Shakeel

Read more: Therapeutic Effect of Flowers | eHow http://www.ehow.com/facts_5661844_therapeutic-effect-flowers.html#ixzz2T6veXRST

How colors impact emotions and behaviors.   By Allison Stuart

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Vitmamin D and sunshine, but what else?

May 9, 2013

As an added post to our Calcium post last week, today we’ll talk about vitamin D.  They go together usually, who knows why?  Simply, Vitamin D promotes Calcium absorption.   So if you are doing great and getting lots of calcium in your diet, check to make sure you are also getting vitamin D. Vitamin D [...]

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Smiling, Heres Your Challenge

May 6, 2013

You know when you’ve had one of those days when you wish you just stayed in bed?  Like you trip on your sheets getting out of bed, use the wrong shampoo so your hair is frizzy, run out of deodorant, burn your toast… Have you ever been having one of those days and a stranger meets [...]

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Calcium, why do we need it?

May 2, 2013

Ever wonder why alot of our food is fortified with calcuim?  That must mean that our bodies need it right, but  why?  Is it just for our teeth and bones? First off, what is it?  Calcium is the chemical element with symbol Ca.   A soft gray alkaline earth metal,  Calcium is essential for living organisms, in particular in [...]

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Do you love your body?

April 11, 2013

How many of us have an issue with our bodies?  Hahaha, I know right!  Sometimes wish you could jut look like a stick man… life would be easier?  Probably not…we are meant to have shape.  When I was in my early 20′s, I made a comment to a male friend that I wished my hips weren’t [...]

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Accountability, Do You Have It?

March 28, 2013

Accountable, defined by Webster as: able to be explained; liable; responsible We are all accountable in our lives for many things by the time we are adults.  Why then when it comes to our diet or exercising do we often fail at being accountable?  Because  the only person we are accountable to is ourselves and who [...]

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Hormones In Our Food?

January 10, 2013

As a mother of two,  I am much more aware of what I am putting in my body and of course what I am putting in my families mouths as well. The increase in health issues in the last few years should tell us something about what we are putting on our plates and into [...]

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Why Are Intolerances To Certain Foods Getting Worse?

January 3, 2013

Ever wonder why there seems to be more and more allergies, intolerances, and bowel problems out there now a days?   It is difficult to make dinner for friends and their families without first receiving a list of what ingredients not to use.  Many classrooms now have a ‘no peanut butter’  policy because some children [...]

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Allied Healthcare Professionals Have Probably Touched Your Life

December 17, 2012

The allied healthcare professional, or paramedical professional encompasses a huge number of careers.  Everything from Xray (Medical Imaging), Lab, Physio, Respiratory, Dietitions, Pharmacy, Psyciatry nurses.  All of our jobs are equally important and all assist doctors in diagnosis, treatment or education of the patient.  We are part of the healthcare team and on a visit [...]

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