Be Nice to Yourself!

by admin on July 28, 2014

iStock 000018823452Small 150x150 Be Nice to Yourself!So I think that I may have stumbled upon something that may actually be worth trying … I am being nice to my body!  Now its not like I was physically mean to it before, just maybe verbally mean.   I am actually thinking nice thoughts about it now!  here’s how it goes … instead of looking in the mirror and being like “if i could just get like an inch off here and flatten the tummy and squish my hips in a little, lose some of that jiggle …” Who hasn’t done this? right ladies.   Now I look in the mirror and am like “wow my husband is lucky to have such a hottie for a wife! look at those women curves!”  What has this done for me?  Now I am only concerned that my clothes look nice, not that I look thin… no more trying to hide the tummy puff or the thunder thighs(which we all know is  futile at best).  This is not to say that I still don’t want to firm that tummy up, I’ve had 3 kids, it can use some firming up for sure.  The difference now is that I do not have ridiculous expectations of what my body ‘should’ look like.  I am 36 with a 4 year old,2 year old and 5 month old … My body will not be my 20 year old self anymore, and that is OK!

Why do I feel the need to share this private matter with you?  Because I know like the sky is blue that I am not the only one who has this problem.  Only looking at what you think is the negative about your body, no good.  Start changing your tune.  What you speak will come to pass.

I am not saying to just let everything go and whatever, no… just dont be so mean to yourself.  Think of all your body has done for you, and like they say… it is the only one you’ll get so take care of it.  If you have a few pounds you want to drop, awesome!  fly at’er, just be nice about it.

Positive thoughts peeps, they make a difference.

Take care

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‘Falling off the wagon’

by admin on July 7, 2014

wagon 150x150 Falling off the wagon“falling off the wagon”… Who has done it?  I sure have, and continue to… regarding proper eating and exercising that is.  Everything seems to be rolling along fine and then out of nowhere the routine gets disrupted… and it seems so hard to get back on that cycle again.

Ok, so what do you need to do to get back at it?  Heres what I do:

- All food temptations out of the house.  (my family doesn’t like this part much)  I am a hard core chocaholic, I don’t normally keep it in the house so that is easy.  But did you ever notice you start reaching for all the other things too… chips, ice cream, the honey jar?

- Greens… way more on my plate then usual.  Like it is loaded up with spinach and meat is the side dish.

-H2O…  Of course water, drink lots.  Most of us don’t get enough in a day and it is so good for our bodies.

Ok, I know those are all easy right?

- Get outside more with your kids.  Run, roll, jump and play in the sandbox.  This is obviously getting you moving, but it also helps me remember that I need to be healthy to keep up with my kids!

- Kick stress out!  I know that we all have stress in our lives, but don’t let it control you.  This is a big one for me personally.  It is so easy to get in your head and make everything stressful… stop.  Don’t take life so seriously all the time.

- This one may not be easy to everyone… ready?… Love your body, no matter how tight your jeans are right now!

And lastly, focus on that good feeling after you’ve had a nutritious meal, done that workout, or even said ‘no thank you ‘ to that gallon of ice cream calling your name.  If you focus on that and not the immediate ‘feel good’ of the bad for you food or the comfort of the couch and remote,  it will be easier to stay on track.

I hope some of this helped someone out there.  It helped me just writing it,  now go and enjoy your life and be nice to your body.

That’s all for now, have a great day.

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