The wonderful… Lavender!

by admin on June 15, 2015

Bunch of lavender flowers on an old wood tableLavender essential oil, need I say more?  ok I will, you are wonderful!

The recent work that this oil has done for me and my children is really second to none.  My 14 month old little man came up with ringworm… no one else in the house, only him.  We have no pets, it was february when I noticed that perfect round patch of flaky skin on his little chest, and quiet honestly did not know what it was.  After seeing the doctor and being told canesten for about 2 weeks would get rid of it, I felt pretty confident.  Fast forward 2 months… yes 2 months! and it is now red, spread over all parts of his body and he scratches it like there is no tomorrow.  Now… now I am more than concerned.  Lavender oil (and purity essential oil, applied topically and diluted) finally got that beast to calm down.  yahh!  This little man also sleeps wonderfully when I have lavender in his room… double yah!

Like many essential oils, Lavender can help with many ailments.  I will share a few for you now

– insect bites

– calming

– swelling/bruises

To name just a few.

Lavender has antifungal properties, can promote blood flow to areas that it is topically applied to and you could even use it as a perfume!

Before modern medicine that we are all used to, people used essential oils for thousands of years.

Now, all essential oils are not created equally… it is well worth your time and energy to research anything you use.  Also talk to your doctor about anything you have any questions about.  We are not claiming that modern medicine does not work… obviously it does.

Click here for a free report on Essential Oils.

Thank you for your time and good luck!



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Decide! Start there

by admin on June 10, 2015

little child pedaling a bicycle on a deserted road

Do you get wrapped up in your own head with all the things you have done ‘wrong’.  Instead of all the things you have done ‘right’?   Dwell on the things that haven’t worked out, stuff you’ve said that might have been taken the wrong way?  simply stated… unsure of any and all of your actions.

This was me.

Can you relate?

What I have found that is happening now, kind of without my knowlegde… is that I am growing out of this.  Well, more like I am aware that I was not happy with where I was or what my life was looking like so I decided to change. And that is the key right there… It has to be your decision.
I can remember one time watching Oprah (yes, a loyal watcher I was), and a young lady was on(sorry I can not recall her name). This young lady was suffering terribly from anerexia and Oprah said to her ‘you have to change’ (or something like that) she said it just like it could be done that easily. Me in my living room said out loud ‘but how?!’ and then the young lady said just that… ‘But how? how do I change’ and Oprah had an ahh ha moment… She looked at her and said ‘you simply make the choice to, you decide to do it, and then you do it’.
This has stuck with me for years! I think that many of us believe there is a certain formula or something that we do not have and unless you have that certain something… nothing will change, We need that help because no way could we possibly be able to do it without some sort of magic wand.  You know, like the kind of wand that all of those successful people have…
It is up to us, each and everyone of us to change how we are living, what we are doing, how we are thinking… simply by doing it.

A quote I love is  ‘life is simple, not easy’ – Steve Maraboli. So true!

So decide, then take action. Will it be easy after that big decision? probably not, I’d say that decision would be about the easiest part, but… but it will absolutely be worth it!

Agree or not, I’s love to hear what you think.

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Stories and the People who Have Them

March 16, 2015

You know when you first meet someone and, just by human nature we all do it, you preconceive what type of a person they are? Then, if you see them again and have time to actually talk and get to know that person you find they run way deeper than you figured?… I love that! […]

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Say Something Nice and see What Happens

March 3, 2015

You know when someone says something nice to you, simply ‘hey! good job’, or even just ‘it’s not that bad’.  You know how that makes you feel? Really good, right?  I am trying to be that person who is uplifting others, looking at the bright side of events or mishaps… however you interpret things. We […]

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What does it mean to you?

February 19, 2015

I am going to ask a question to you… you may not have ever really thought about the answer, or maybe you have in great depth. What does losing weight mean to you? Why do you (like many of us) strive to do it? This can actually be a loaded question.  I will speak from experience […]

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Passions, work and Life

February 9, 2015

So tell me, are you one of those people that can truly say you love what you do? Like it doesn’t feel like work?  If you are…Awesome! good for you!  Grab that and go man! For the rest of us, what do we do?  Not to say that you hate what your doing, but it […]

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February 5, 2015

How do you explain death to a 4 year old… a thinker, a questioner, an inquisitive little mind. Recently my Grandma passed away and my kids saw her quite alot.  They would have Sunday breakfast with her and my Dad most weeks.  When I told the 2 older ones… 4 1/2 and almost 3 years, […]

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We All Change and Grow

January 15, 2015

You know when you feel uncomfortable in your life?  Like something needs to change… Let it.  I believe this is the universe, God, or whatever higher being you believe in trying to tell you something.  If you don’t listen to this feeling, you will simply get it back again in a few months, years, or […]

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‘That’ will change your life!

January 8, 2015

Are you one of those people who keeps looking for ‘that’ thing that WILL change your life? I am… to a point I guess. Huge on self help books (which have pointed me in the right direction I must say) to learn a quick fix you can do for a month and then your life […]

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Tomato, Tomato

November 20, 2014

Tomatoes, a fruit, not a vegetable!  Really!  Tomatoes have so much good stuff in them, as do every other natural raw food out there.  They really are worth eating. I remember watching an episode of ‘wheel of fortune’ with my Grandma (her favorite show) a number of years ago and Vanna White brought in a […]

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