Tomato, Tomato

by admin on November 20, 2014

bigstock Kid hands holding tomatoes 46603072 150x150 Tomato, TomatoTomatoes, a fruit, not a vegetable!  Really!  Tomatoes have so much good stuff in them, as do every other natural raw food out there.  They really are worth eating.

I remember watching an episode of ‘wheel of fortune’ with my Grandma (her favorite show) a number of years ago and Vanna White brought in a basket of veggies from her own garden.  She presented Pat Sajack (the shows host) with this basket and he stood there eating a tomato just like you would an apple!  I mean like tomatoes on or in things, but like an apple!?  Never forgot that.

So, first off why are they classified as a fruit.  Lets get all scientific for a moment… A fruit is classified as coming from the ovary (base of the flower) of a plant.  Another reason:  for containing the seeds of that plant. Think of an apple or orange, true fruits that contain the plants seeds.  Tomatoes are also not that sweet, like a fruit right?  That is probably why most of us think of them as a vegetable.

Ok so now on to the benefits:

– Lots of vitamin C, and loads of other vitamins too… like loads!

– Awesome antioxidant

– Phytonutrients … the natural chemicals of plants, we don’t need them stay alive, but they help fight off disease and basically help our bodies work correctly.

– heart health… and not just in one way, but two!  1. antioxidant support 2. our blood and regulating the fat in it

– Bone health.  Your thinking ‘really!’ well, I did… has to do with Tomatoes antioxidant properties again, further resaerch is being done

– Cancer prevention… Most cancers are due to inflammation and oxidative stress over time, tomatoes have an abundance of antioxidants which are known to help prevent cancer.  they are also known to have anti inflammatory properties.

Any way you look at it, tomatoes are worth having in your diet.  If you don’t like them, learn to, maybe not as much as Pat, but all the same… eat them!


Would love to hear some tomato recipes, please share.



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by admin on November 10, 2014

bigstock spices cinnamon anise nutmeg r 56853461 150x150 CinnamonWhat an amazing little spice!  All natural, it is actually tree bark,  Cinnamomum is the genus… found in warmer climates.  There are: Ceylon(what we mostly use in the western world) and Cassia cinnamon (AKA Chinese cinnamon).  The benefits do not always apply to both types.  Why should we use cinnamon?  Well for one it has been around for thousands of years and used medically in many parts of the ancient world… If those ancients used it, it is worth looking into…

Used to help combat coughing, arthritis and sore throats at one time in history, now a days we use it mostly because it tastes good.  Here are some more reasons we should be using this spice:  (Keep in mind, the FDA has not approved cinnamon as a cure or even benefit of any medical ailments.  Research has been done and this is some of what has been found)

– Shown to help fight fungal and bacterial infections (eg. yeast infections,fungal, or stomach flu, bacterial. )… The anti bacterial properties may help with food preservation… Is this the reason for a dash of cinnamon in food dishes in hotter countries?

– After eating a meal high in fat, chomp on some cinnamon so your body does not react so negatively to the fat.

– Research has shown that it can help lower serum glucose ( and fasting glucose levels too)  and  LDL cholesteral (and total cholesteral) in those with type 2 diabetes

– An extract in cinnamon bark can help ward off Alzhiemers disease

– IBS: drink some cinnamon tea to help digestion, bloating, cramps

– helps build bone, blood and other connective tissues… because if its high levels of maganese (University of Maryland Medical Center)

–  Research has also shown that cinnamon may be beneficial in MS and HIV patients.

Here it is: 

– Weight managment…  cinnamon is known to thin blood, therefore increasing circulation,therefore increasing metabolism, therefore fat loss.( Dr. Greenburg of Tufts University)  On blood thinning… you should not take if you are on a blood thinner… ALWAYS talk to your doctor

Much of this research has used cinnamon oil… much more concentrated form

There are people who are sensitive to cinnamon.  Cinnamon contains coumarin… and has been shown to be associated with liver damage, so… if thinking about taking cinnamon for weightloss… talk to your doctor.  Ceylon contains less coumarin than cassia.

Always, always talk to your doctor about taking any kind of tablet, oil or what have you, especailly if you are on any medication at all.  What seems harmless may in fact be harming you.

Check out these great articles I found on cinnamon… lots of info!


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